Multiple sclerosis

It all started the day my friend informed me of the results of a medical examination: multiple sclerosis. Knowing that I am involved in analyzing natural medicine methods and a few times “miracles” happened after my suggestions, he asked me for an opinion. As far as I know, since then (and it’s been several long years) he hasn’t had a single flare-up and recommends me to everyone.

A few years passed, a girl, whom I already knew much better and we often talked to each other, came down with an identical diagnosis. Also the disease was nipped in the bud, also since the first attack, there has not been another. For that, a series of small suggestions on supplements and lifestyle made the girl feel like a newborn. Interesting thing, I had already asked her probably 2 years before the diagnosis and the first flare-up to do tests for multiple sclerosis, among other things. Well, but after all, people are immortal until they get sick, so they do not do any medical tests, there is no time for such stuff because work, because life, because boyfriend, because everything, in general, diseases must not be thought of, let alone use preventive supplements … now she is an invalid.

On the forum, another person took advice, also without an attack since starting alternative therapy (a little update, she recently did a follow-up MRI, quote: “extremely rare regeneration of the nervous system”, the largest focal lesion disappeared without the slightest trace!). (Second update, 2 more people had their lesion regression confirmed by MRI examination!)

„Brain Model” by biologycorner is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0.

In all these cases, unfortunately, it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of natural methods. It happens that the disease stops without cause, very rarely but it happens. Admittedly, the regression of MRI lesions is possible in one patient, but for them to regress in several patients at a time and acutely in those who used specific supplements? How many times in a row do you have to win the lottery to say “it’s a bit too much of a coincidence”?

Home remedies for multiple sclerosis?

Based on a number of studies, conducted in independent research centers, I can say with certainty that, according to science, following the suggestions described on this site will at least slow down the disease process. Probably the most promising is gamma linolenic acid, which I wrote about here:

In a clinical trial, it literally caused the disease to regress, with patients getting up from their wheelchairs. It’s not entirely clear how specifically this supplement works, the researchers detected much lower concentrations in patients and used supplementation, after which they observed patients recovering, but how specifically did this happen? Here we can only guess.

There are high hopes for therapies that are designed to restore myelin. And here, too, we have a clinical trial in which patients recovered, their symptoms regressed, and they had fewer points on the EDSS scale than before the clinical trial. A simple mixture of essential vitamins in the right doses and ratios plus some ridiculously cheap nutrients.

Diet is very important. Something I’m sure you don’t want to hear, for multiple sclerosis eating meat and especially animal fats is of similar importance to smoking cigarettes for lung cancer. Study after study has shown a link between the amount of meat consumed and the risk of developing the disease, and in one clinical trial where a properly formulated vegan diet was arranged for patients, the effects were so good that the researchers who described the results came up with the bold hypothesis that the disease is the result of saturated fat consumption.

Heavy metal poisoning plays a large role. Sufficiently large doses of these toxins cause myelin to atrophy without any other disease processes, and there was a case of an epidemic of multiple sclerosis in a city where water pipes were changed to poison the residents. Getting rid of them from the body is sometimes trivial and you can do it yourself.

Finally, it is worth mentioning herbs. Two are worth noting. One is yarrow, that weed we pass every day when walking past lawns. In a clinical study, it improved patients’ health very strongly, it did not so much stop the disease as reverse it. People felt better and had fewer and fewer ailments. Quite a lot of hope is also being raised for nigella, but so far we only have a study with animals, where supplementation quickly cured the disease.

Causes of multiple sclerosis

No one really knows where the disease comes from. Science is going around in circles, like a dog that has caught its own tail. But maybe we have a very wrong approach? Maybe we look too much at the individual cells, not enough at the patient himself? If someone took the tissues of a person dying of thirst under a microscope, he could write whole thick volumes on the changes that are happening in his cells, how the levels of individual hormones change, the structure of the tissues. Only such a thing will not bring you any closer to solving the problem, to giving such a person a glass of water.

There are many proposals, I even have my own little private hypothesis here about what this disease is. I think that here the analogy with a glass of water will be very good. Myelin is being destroyed and built up all the time, in each of us. I really wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that it’s not a disease at all, just the simplest thing in the world, too weak intensification of the processes of construction, while at the same time too strong intensification of the processes of destruction of myelin. Something like iron deficiency anemia. Or dying of thirst.

If we look at the sick, they actually all meet the above conditions. Everyone is a carrier of the Epstein-Barr virus, a virus that impairs the synthesis of gamma – linolenic acid, which is necessary for the proper processes of myelin regeneration. Almost everyone is quite severely nutritionally deficient in the acutely necessary substances for this regeneration, and clinical studies have shown that supplementation is sufficient for at least some patients to recover. Almost everyone also eats in ways that damage their health.

What I am writing may sound like a conspiracy theory, but if you think about it for a while, you will undoubtedly come to the conclusion that it is simple economics. The question might arise, “why don’t we hear this from doctors?”. But don’t ask that question of me, because I am not “doctors.” My role is to show you that such studies have been done, that there is evidence of the effectiveness of certain measures. Evidence that is weak, because after the first success no one conducted further research, but undoubtedly existing.

No, it’s not that doctors are specifically aiming to make patients sick. Doctors are simply trained by centers whose program is based on researched things, and only what can be profitable in the perspective is researched. It’s not that alternative therapies are being hidden. They are simply not researched, no one will tell a doctor about them in a lecture at school, because there is no one to make money from these alternative therapies, and so they have not fully tested them. There is simply no money to be made from them, they are free. So no one will seek to spend millions of dollars on clinical trials of such methods, and without clinical trials these methods cannot be taught.

It’s that simple. You can’t patent borage oil. You can’t patent a diet. No one is going to spend millions of dollars researching these things because they won’t be able to sell them later.

So what if some small center described curing 20 patients? It takes 3 trials of 200 patients each to bring such a method to universities, and that’s just the beginning. And no one sponsors them, because no one will make a profit out of it later – moreover, the richest people on the planet have a vested interest in ensuring that these trials never take place, because these richest people could then lose billions of dollars.

If one already adheres to the “conspiracy theory of medicine,” the “tinhats” are those who believe that the richest pharmaceutical companies are giving away their money for clinical trials of supplements that not only won’t give them a profit, but could also jeopardize drug sales. If anyone really believes that the richest corporations are consciously making decisions that directly hit their interests, they are as naive as those who believe in a conspiracy of lizard people and a flat Earth.

I present on this site everything that makes sense, has been researched to some degree and can help patients. I’m afraid that “officially” this information will never be communicated to multiple sclerosis sufferers, fortunately we have the Internet. None of these methods have been fully researched because, I repeat to the point of boredom, no one has put up the money to do so, but most are supported by pilot clinical trials in which, for example, the disease was reversed in 20 patients. It’s not ironclad proof of effectiveness, but we’ll never see better, because no one will test these methods to the end. Unless there is someone like Dr. Ornish – who has tested the effectiveness of his proprietary therapies with his own private millions.

The site is in no way attacking doctors, although probably some of them may feel offended. I believe that doctors are as much victims of the system as patients. They do their job to the best of their ability, with full faith in the rightness of their actions, for which they deserve the utmost respect (as long as they actually work honestly, to be sure, but that goes for any profession). If one is already looking for a culprit for the current state of affairs, one should look at the entire structure of the social system. The closest to the truth would probably be to say that the laws of economics are to blame, imposing solutions that will be as costly as possible while keeping patients sick for as long as possible.

I have not included a description of two very popular methods. One is a certain herb known to all, which unfortunately is illegal, I didn’t describe it because I simply don’t want to get in trouble with the law. The other is a certain drug that some people take in very small doses, available only by prescription. It is for this reason that I did not want to write about it, therapies available only by prescription should be done under the supervision of a doctor. I discussed here only those methods that can be used on your own.

I also wanted to warn against the huge number of charlatans who promise pears on willows: miraculous cures with bio-currents, antibiotics or magnetic fields, only somehow they have never presented the results of studies of these their miracle-therapies.

None of the methods discussed here are of my authorship, the site is a collection of recommendations from doctors outside the circle of orthodox medicine. My role was reduced to sifting out those that definitely do not work, and selecting those that have the strongest scientific justification. There are only home methods of self-medication here; there are no strictly medical recommendations that require contact with a doctor. By force of fact, none of the therapies described here are medical recommendations or advice.

Of course, it would be much more beneficial if such a self-treatment process were controlled by an experienced doctor, but I’m afraid that finding one who is familiar with the issues described here will be VERY difficult. I remind you that the doctor is obliged to justify any recommendations he makes. If he says that a particular supplement must be taken at such and such a dose, ask him about studies in which just such a dose helped, and other doses, also tested, did not help. If he says that something definitely won’t help, ask him about studies in which a particular method has been tested and not shown to be effective. Unfortunately, very often I encounter the reaction of doctors “it definitely won’t help!” and when asked for proof, the patient was scolded for making excuses. This is a common medical error and deliberate misleading of the patient. Of course, I encourage you to check for yourself the veracity of the information provided here.